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Please, go to lycos or yahoo and ask
them how much it costs you each person who sees your logo!

Is there any reason for which a person who sees your logo at Lycos or Yahoo should be more valuable for you than someone who sees it at EMPORIUM?

If you answer no. Next question is:
WHY should I pay 5 cents at lycos when I can pay 1 cent at Emporium for this person???
The only possible reason is that you need ONE MILION HITS EVERY DAY. Emporium can only offer you a few thousands hits everyday.

BUT SINCE YOU PAY EACH HIT, IF YOU ARE NOT MR. FORD and do not own COCA COLA, EMPORIUM fits your budget and Lycos doesn't !

You can also make an inexpensive experiment to see how it works for you.
You only order 50,000 hits, which cost you 500$, and after about two weeks you decide if you want more, we can also agree on a certain number of hits for month (maybe 10,000 for a cost of 100$).

We will be able to PROOVE YOU THE NUMBER OF POEPLE WHO HAVE SEEN YOUR LOGO by a computer generated report which will be sent to you everyday.
Webcom is a company separated from EMPORIUM, very well known and it will always generate true reports. You can also check with our DIGICOM counter on the page itself.


give a look at one day's activity report

I don't care sponsoring you! Bring me back to the list!

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