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Chat Help! For Starters and Experts!

Welcome to Emporium's Chat Help Page. You are visitor number since April 6, 1996.
If you are here, you must know nothing at all about chatting. Well its quite simple.
First you find a chat line. Once inside type in a handle/name for yourself for others to know you by. There may also by a Picture URL box. If you want to have an icon/picture beside your handle then type in an image location in the Picture URL box. The location is something like
Then once you have that stuff in, it's very simple! Just type in what you want to say to the other people in the room, when you want to send those comments just click on a send/chat button. Some chat lines also have a listen button. This is used to recieve posts from the other chatters, without sending out your post.

The CooL Stuff
There are also ways of changing text on SOME chat lines. You can make Big text, red text, italics, typewritter text and many other things. I will try to explain the basics on these pages.

How To Do The StuFF

Well here is the list to do the BASICS. These commands are all for WebChat, the program distributed by IRSociety. These will not work on ALL other chat lines.
Just type exactly what you see, for the exact outcome!

  • <<i>>What you wanna say <</i>> - Outcome is italic
  • <<b>> The words <</b>> - Outcome is bold
  • <<tt>> What you are saying <</tt>> - Outcome is typewritter text
  • <<blink>> Type your stuff <</blink>> - Outcome is blinking
  • <<h#>>

    Type words or stuff

    <</h1>> - Text appears as a heading
    For this one you have to replace # with a number between 1 and 6.
  • <<font size=n>> What you're saying <</font>> - Outcome is text the size of N.
    For this one, replace n with a number from 1 to 7.
  • <<font color=color>> What you are saying <</font>> - Outcome is text of the color that is chosen.
    You have to replace color with .... red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, grey, brown, dark blue, dark red, violet, magenta, cyan, turquoise.
    You would type something like <<font color=red>> Hey this is red <</font>>
    You can also use a different kind of color system. It is the Hex color system. Go to Color Pallette Map to find out more. For these kinds of colors you replace color with a Hex code such as #2F4F2F. If you want to use these colours, type
    <<font color=#2F4F2F>> The text here <</font>> - The outcome will be the selected Hex color.
  • For a link to another location type the location, like
    On some chat lines this may not work, try typing <a href=> What you are calling the link </a>
  • For an image type the loction, like
    If this doesn't work, try typing <img src="">
  • <<strike>> Type text <</strike>> - Outcome is a strikeout
  • Type <<li>> bullet for a
  • bullet
  • Type <<hr>> for a
    horizontal rule
  • Type <<br>> for a line

    Advanced Page - Go here for more advanced HTML used in Webchat. For those who hate imps and other low lives! :) It isn't quite finished yet, give me some time!

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