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Other Ways To Chat On The Net

There are a few other ways to chat with other people using your computer. There are programs that you can download that let you do this. Here's a few you can try. I hope I can find more.

PoWWoW - This is a program that lets you cruise the NET with up to 7 of your net buddies, real time chatting, and do other stuff. I don't have it, so I can't tell you if its good.

mIRC - This is the most popular program used in IRC (internet relay chat). You can't actually chat with people, like on the phone, BUT its about 10 times faster than Webchat or other chats on the net. There are thousands of people to chat with too. I would get mIRC if I already didn't have it!!

Wintalk - This is a Windows program that lets two users talk back and forth. It is a real time chat.

TV Tonite Chat Sessions - This program lets you hold real time chat conversations on the net. Download the program and try it out!

I-Phone - This is a program that lets you speak to another person on the net. Like voice chat. Try it out and really listen to what people are saying!

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