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Welcome to Emporium's Chat Links. This page is edited and maintained by Chris.
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All of these chat links are different. Everything works, as far as I know. If you do find a non-working link, let me know!
If you have no idea what chatting is, check out the chat help to get you started.

All of you here must love chatting. So do I. I've made some friends too. Well if you want to check out their pages, go to
My Friends Page

The MANY Chat Links - We have moved all the chat links here for quicker access. You will be happy with how fast they are. ENJOY!

What's new? - Check out what has changed since the last update. The last upload to Emporium was made on May 6/96

Chat Links by Category - Alot more chats, listed by category.
Check Out My Favorite Chats - Not really important, but check it out if you want.
Chat Help Page - Chat Help for beginners. How to start chatting. And help for experts.
Chat Programs - Separate Chat programs that are available for download.
Future Plans - What will be next on the list? Check out what we plan to do.
Cool Site Links - Links to people who have a link to Emporium or just plain old GOOD sites.

Our OWN Java Chatroom! - Isn't this what you all wanted? Well We got it! So drop by and say hello.

Vote For Your Favorite Chat! - Just do it OK!
View The Voting Results! - Look at what some peoples votes on!

Sign The Chatbook! - You just have to, cool place to leave you mark!!
Check Out The Chatbook! - See what chat users from around the world have to say!

If you know of any other chat sites, have any questions or comments, Please Mail us!!!

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