W3c is working on guidelines for websites usability by mobile users

The number of people navigating the web with mobile devices is increasing exponentially. For this reason W3C is about to publish Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP), consisting mainly in recommendations on how to design websites that work well and look good for mobile users.

New Yepa advertising campaign started in June

Because of Yepa Dedicated Server's success and because of its competitive pricing policy, we decided to push this service trough a massive campaign on the Internet and on magazines.

Flash and search Engines: an unhappy match

Search engines can read text, they can't figure out what a picture or a movie is about. A Flash file is a group of graphical frames that an application installed on the client visualizes in a fast sequence in a browser window. Since Google Yahoo and MSN can't yet understand the meaning of those graphical files, they can't connect them to keywords, so they don't give high weight to flash made websites. Flash made websites have a great handicap in the effort to make the valuable first pages on search engines.